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The Analects book review

Recently, the students were busy College of Foreign Languages ​​Department of English toms outlet excerpt “The Analects”, the conversation from time to time to say a few “Confucius”, “Shi said.”
The reason turned out to be a professor, “language and culture” Yao Lihua teacher assigned homework – copy the whole article “The Analects” and write a book review.
“Analects” are classics of Confucianism, compiled by Confucius and his disciples were together.
The ancients said: “Half” The Analects “rule the world.” Its impact on Chinese history and culture can be described as far-reaching.
“The Analects” of the Chinese, like the “Bible” of the West.
Currently, the “English tide”, “Korean wave” Rise, let us be the essence of the ancient forgotten in the corner.
In order to let everyone on Chinese classics, profound Chinese culture for a better understanding and increase their quality, more later English translation lay a solid foundation, the teacher was unique to this layout.
kids toms to become a co-grid English translation talents, first of all should be very familiar with their own culture, so as to correct the letter shoes like toms convey information to foreigners.
“Bilingual talent” is to master the two cultures, and skilled personnel will use both languages.
If even his own classical culture do not know, how can we spread our long history?

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The Analects book review

Over the past there had been a “half” Analects “rule the world” argument.
In the continuation of a thousand years of imperial era, “The Analects” is also designated national recruitment officer exam textbooks.

But the girls toms shoes with the changing times, the environment has changed govern the country, the natural way of governing the country will be a fundamental change.

So in the twenty-first century, is also expected to approach “The Analects” to develop the above-govern the country through the formation of two thousand years ago to manage the country, is unrealistic.

So I according to the theory of an open society, from the perspective of international vision, knowledge and culture around the theme of how to learn how to learn in life, chose to part with this half from the whole “Analects”, according to “education, filial piety
, love, honesty, courtesy, Righteousness, observing people, friends, ghosts, ambition, self-examination, a gentleman “This twelve classification recommended for everyone, I hope you can learn how to get some reference.
In addition, in order to ensure the “Analects” integrity, we are also in this end of the book, accompanied by the full text of the whole of the “Analects”.
One can let everyone know this book tom shoes outlet selected some of the specific references in the “Analects”, and secondly, you can also learn the whole of the “Analects” of readers who are interested in providing a convenient.

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The Analects book review

First, the literature is the art of language, the language used to make sale toms tom tomsshoes appropriate or not , will directly lead to the success or failure of literary works .
Early in “The Analects” “Book ” and other works , though solemn speech language sounding toms toms , however, its quite heavy chisel marks , not suitable for public reading and dissemination.

” The Analects ” Because based on the spoken language and incorporate the classical features of the two is a blend of both , although it with us for thousands of years across time , read still catchy , meaningful flavored.

read “The Analects ” vague concept of time , and we seem to have a feeling of being there .
Cordial wise old man , and the group of students candid cute, all fleshed out , ready to come out .

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The Analects read toms shoes where to buy after the flu

” The Analects of Confucius ” in the form of quotations , recorded the words and deeds of Confucius and his disciples , reasoning shallow depth white toms out and concise.
Throughout the prevailing language of the masses , based on the written language and by the essence of elegant style , the original one in the pre-Qin philosophers prose, a faction .

” The Analects of Confucius ,” though not a purely literary work , then it has evolved into a large number of textual maxims , idioms and allusions , has remained strong enduring vitality , which shows that it has a strong ideological content and distinctive
literary characteristics.
This paper from the flexibility of the language used , toms shoes for toddlers in Characterization and full of things succinct narrative of the three aspects of the literary characteristics ” Analects ,” a book for an analysis .

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The Analects book review

First, the literature is the art of language, the language used properly or not , will directly lead to defeat toms for cheap literary works .

Second, when it comes to shaping the characters, “The Analects” Although it is fiction and biography, in order to create the main characters , but it recorded a small fragment of life , describing the way the characters from the side , but later on buy toms influence far .

Finally, the ” Analects” stylistic structure limited its use , other than the stylistic aspects of the rival narrative .
more than a few , enough to see the ” Analects” brilliant and succinct narrative .
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The Analects tom toms book review

Confucius also very picky eaters .

color ugly , do not eat ; unpleasant odor, do not eat ; cook well, eat ; untimely tiny toms order, eat ; cut Debu where can you find toms shoes is good , do not eat ; there is no suitable
sauce , do not eat .
I think , now the most picky kids , probably only his third Bale !
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After reading “The Analects” , I not only admire Confucius further , but more of a sense of intimacy .
Confucius is nothing unattainable ” holy of holies ” , he is also an advantage , have the disadvantage of ordinary people .
He seems to leap from the book down, I became a good friend .

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The Analects book review

Confucius also required to correct the behavior of rulers , ” politicians , are also Sub- positive rate , what am not right .”

official who is the decisive factor in the level of moral good and bad politics , ” The body is not to make the trip ; its black glitter toms body is not correct , although that is not from .”

Second, the selection of officials should take moral standard , Confucius believed that if a moral person without moral positions above people , then the people will be convinced ; if there is no moral person job but in a moral person
above, then the people satisfied .
Again , he advocated the implementation of enlightenment nordstrom toms oppose rulers killing policy , ” son wants good and the people where do they sell toms good German wind gentleman , small s minds grass, the wind will fall down on the grass .”

This means that move like the wind , like grass , official words and deeds affect people who , in order to request the rulers to play the role of teaching by example , to guide the world for good atmosphere .
“Love ” performance in politics is ” Bosch in China but can Chi Chung ” ( ” Yong” ) , in line with public sentiment to take measures to promote the production of cheap , the people rich.

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The Analects book review

Confucius about Jen has been inherently inclusive of kinship and class relations in ancient Chinese society.
Benevolence contains personal equality and dignity of moral content , which is in “Do unto others , do not impose on others” in the performance of this proposition is obvious.
He admitted that both people are toms shoes online purposes and recognize people morally equal, everyone has the moral dignity .
Here there is no high or low, compete with the points , only a gentleman , the villain of the points.
This same idea of human rights in contemporary society have a common meeting point.
Pair toms shoes chicago summer Confucius said, ” Ruwei where can i get toms shoes gentleman Confucianism Confucianism villain inaction ,” said the practice is morally , not from a position or occupation on to say.
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The Analects book review

Confucius preached universal love Jen has the characteristics of the value of the Spring and Autumn Period person found affirmation.

For example barn fire , Confucius Tuizhao back, saying: “‘ wounding Down? ‘ do not ask the horse but kindness and Christian love of Confucius, and differences between Mohist universal love , regardless of parental alienation is not who carries toms.
shoes near equality of love, but there is the arithmetic of love , kiss to follow the principles of respect . kiss , is the principle of the Western Zhou Dynasty statue patriarchal society , by its very nature is a ceremony on toms for kids . Eli is blood
complex law , morality and class rule of law . human behavior not only to comply with benevolence , but also meet the ceremony .