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Mid autumn night……
Mid autumn night…… Today, it is the annual Chinese traditional festival – Mid Autumn festival. Festival lanterns everywhere permeated with a festive color. And our family, also spent a sleepless night…… After dinner, our whole family are quietly sitting on the balcony of the moon, talking and laughing, while eating with relish sweet and delicious cakes. But, waiting for a long time, also do not see the moon in her mother’s sign. My heart can not help but doubt arise spontaneously: why? In previous years, the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon in her mother-in-law are very punctual, how late this year? Don’t it, it’s something, or…… Thinking, thinking, has entered a sweet dreamSko kuponkode TomsXiang…… Trance, I saw a bright indistinct, disk like the ball is walking towards me. A closer look, the moon is the mother. I tread on air, suddenly overjoyed. I didn’t think the moon is in my house! After all, is the first time to see the moon in the near distance, I feel very strange, they can not help looking at the moon from her mother. At this moment, I found the moon mother-in-law as in former days as glamorous, but a dishevelled hair, a haggard face, a pair of red with tears eyes, is even in the past that brilliant smile also disappeared without a trace of the… I can not wait to ask: “the moon lady, you, what are you up to? How Mid Autumn FestivalSko Danmark TomsFestival is empty?” “Ah……” The moon sound sighed, “this is really a long story……” “Oh? Why?” I asked again. I saw the moon mother-in-law in earnest said: “children, everywhere now speculation in seething, said China’s Taiwan and Taiwan to attack Shanghai, I listen to, immediately burst into tears and heartache. Give birth to a serious illness, completely bedridden! You said I see “brothers” to kill each other, can not hurt?” And before I returned to him, I was familiar with it.Shoes til salg TomsWake up the kind words: “Lili, outside cold days, fast into the room to sleep!” Oh, it was just a dream…… Although this just a dream, but it also to us sounded the alarm, it warned us: we are the sons and daughters of the land, why kill each other, make you no peace, which is why it? Let us work together, live together in peace together, create our beautiful homeland! Let the world from now on no longer have the smoke of the battlefield! This is an unusual mid autumn night!

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Rewriting “village residence” for Ji Xuwen
Before you knew it, the cold winter is over. Now, let the recovery of all things spring girl is a step toward the cold was surrounded by more than three months on the earth. Her, gently knocking on the frozen river, river fish have enough space to live again; her gently blow green willow river embankment, let tender green willows heartily in the spring breeze dancing; her gentle heating of the layers of snow, let cool water flows over the whole village and awaken the hibernating animals, the village again full of vitality; she, in a timely manner to invoke also in the rest of the people, let them for sowing, seedling ASA… Spring, is how vibrant! Spring, how is refreshed, relaxed and happy! How can all things in heaven and earth not be intoxicated by this spring? Along the stream came to the village, you will find that no matter where you go, you can feel the people in response to the call of the spring, busy with their own things. When the walk to the top of the small hill behind the village, when see the figure of the crowds of children game, when he heard the children the joyous laughter and the sound of the birds, who will can not help but put down his work, watched the children running, playing. I saw the child side by hand holding the kite line, while running. From time to time in the sky looked up at the flying swallow “,” Eagle “,” butterfly”…… With a grin, revealing a small mouth gap teeth. Run for a whileK is be Toms shoesSon, just to play with each other, to see who’s the highest kite. That’s really cute. The sky kite flying leisurely, the bird flew to the edge level there. They sang songs, while in the kite flying, some unexpectedly fell on the kite, when the kite fall down, birds and electric shock like fly for a while, then fly back. Like a tireless child. The children on the ground laughed more.Toms skoIn the children’s feet, is a large expanse of grass. A grass from the ground out of the small green head. They are sucking the nectar of spring in the spring, accompanied the children grow up in the spring. Looked far away:Toms skoHouse, willow, peach blossom, the hills, the birds and naughty lovely children, composed of a picture of the eternal, beautiful scenery.

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My labor day
Labor day! Labor day after the mid-term exam! I remember reading primary school, whether before or after the exam, I will not worry about how the holidays, because every time I have a very good test. But this time… Oh, I’m afraid I’m going to be cut out for seven days, and stay at home. On labor day, I was preparing to set up a holiday schedule to enrich my holiday. Suddenly, the phone rang, and dad went to answer the phone. “What should be done? What should be done? My hand… “… holding the head, the other hand kept fiddling with a pencil, his meditation. Dad answered the phone, came over and said to me, “Linda, your grandmother asked us to have lunch.”. I won’t go, you go with your mom.” “Why?” I do not understand the question. “I would also like to do business, a lot of customers.” “It doesn’t matter, just a meal time.” “No.” Dad is not going to change ideas. “Well, well, I’ll say it to them.”.” I surrendered. After lunch, I went to my cousin’s room. Pushed open the door of her room, and saw her doing the test paper. See me, don’t even have a smile. I asked, “Hey, how are you today?”” “Did not test well.” A simple sentence! “Oh, the man is reduced!” I have moved out of the famous classical. “You didn’t do well?!” She looked at me with surprise. “Why, don’t you believe it? Tell you, I only got 122 points!” “Less than 122 points? I only got 75 points!” My cousin said in frustration. “Ah, I did not expect that you are still worse than me.” My sympathyHVOR man Kan K be Toms shoesLooked at her, and then said: “to be honest, you test too low, as if it is not passed. 100 exam papers of 75 points is still good, but 150 exam papers 75 points to be justifiedSko tilbud TomsThe. I think you’ll have to work harder to make progress in the final exams. Otherwise, don’t say seven days, not even a summer have to play.” She nodded, and added: “you have to refuel, oh! We are all monitor, we must set an example.” “Yeah!” I nodded my head. After a cousin’s encouragement, I have the courage to. I used to feel like a failure of the players, by othersToms sko K is benhavnFar behind. However, I would like to understand, others may not always lead, oneself also never backward, as long as in the heart will catch up and the others far behind.

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Learn from Lei Feng, sell newspapers
Uncle Lei Feng has been away from us for 40 years. In order to promote his dedication to the spirit of dedication, to make a contribution to the health of the school, donated a few trash can, the students in our class spontaneously organized, the establishment of the “School of Lei Feng, selling newspapers,” the team. I remember the first time I bought a newspaper. At noon after school, our team of 7 people came to the school on the opposite side of the sidewalk, began to come and go to the pedestrian to sell newspapers. “Uncle and aunt, Grandpa and grandma, buy a newspaper, right?” My voice trembling in the cold wind. Yes At the beginning, I am afraid, not used to this kind of way to peddle, especially meet pedestrian vote to surprise blame the look in the eyes, feel oneself is a disgrace, as if myself like a begging begging beggar. Especially to see some pedestrians when I look indifferently more lack of confidence, as if I didn’t have a sense of labor. Is when I hesitate to beat a retreat, an uncle came to me, he sympathetically asked me: “primary and secondary school students, why are you selling newspapers? Are the family poor?” I shook my head and murmured “no! I sell newspapers to learn from Uncle Lei Feng.” My uncle looked at me in surprise.Toms sko m nd, then, the face of praise on the smile: “that you sell newspapers to earn money, what are you going to do?” “Do something meaningful, and donate the trash can to the public.” “Well done.”!” Uncle hurriedly thumbs up, then, erhuamoyue bought me two copies of the newspaper. At this time, the crowd of pedestrians to see the uncle to do so, but also have to pay to buySko Danmark TomsNewspaper, you a copy, I am a, suddenly, I sold the newspaper and light. At that time, I was very excited, but also difficult to believe? This is why? Yes, I feel a lot by selling newspapers today. Not only did I have a taste of my fragile heart when I was selling newspapers, but I also know that there are millions of people who have learned how to learn Lei Feng. althoughSko forhandlere TomsLei Feng may not necessarily be selling newspapers, like the uncle, there are many well intentioned people, they buy my newspaper, to support me to learn Lei Feng’s action, is not to learn from Uncle Lei Feng? Thus, Lei Feng This shining name has long been deep in the hearts of the people. Henceforth, I will to Uncle Lei Feng as an example, study hard. Every day, learn the skills after to serve the motherland, serve the people.

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Military training let me understand……
August 27th is a special day for me, because this day is the first time I have lived in XX years – military training. I feel very fresh and very challenging. This time strict military training, so I deeply feel: the individual can not be separated from the collective and what is called the collective. In this military training, each of us is very difficult for the students. What is unity, what is neat, what is serious, I think, in the military training, we must be able to deeply understand, will be remembered in the heart. What is neat? For example: there is no line line, the whole movement is irregular and so on. What is serious? When the instructor said the move is not allowed to move, you have to stop any action. What is unity? When you have to go, you go, I have my run, this is not unity. During military training, the weather is like a newborn baby,Bryllup sko TomsCry for a moment, laugh, it makes the teachers and students are in trouble. “At ease, Li Zheng.” Under the command, we have to put down the smile, the end of serious, to listen to the command of the instructor. If there is something wrong, it’s going to be punished. Plus the classSko til babyer TomsAre lined up neatly, the action specification, it would have to find. Learn the essentials of action, you need to master. Simple actions, we couple learn and learn well, but what marching behind walk, March run, this can not easy. Instructors very patiently taught, but the students may not accustomed to listening to instructors say, we are all. Marching essentials are mastered, but also neat and unity. The students are not very neat, every time I go is the cop-out. Just a few steps very neat, but can not hold on, a crooked. “Nothing in the world is difficult if you put your heart into it.” Finally, through the efforts of our class qibuzou learned well. Because of the limited time, and the rain, so we still can not learn to run. Through this special military training, I clearly know that I have a lot of shortcomings, but in any case must be hard to overcome, in order to achieve the ideal state. Unity, fraternity, perseverance, can not be separated from the military training, can not do without life, can not be separated from others. The military training to make me understand: unity is strengthToms sko st is rrelsesguideQuantity, persistence is victory.

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Teacher’s Day
Today, the weather is sunny singing oriole, swallows fly high, willow girl in comb his green hair, the wind uncle joined in the fun, hey! What is going on today, today is teacher’s day in September 10th. In the morning, I am carrying a bag to go to school, on the road since I forgot to buy a gift for teacher’s day, I anxious like ants on a hot vortex, then, just think of the hillside chrysanthemum, I immediately ran, hair do not know, so went to the hillside, I have be tired out I saw one of those, but when the flowers, I became I ran, be in fine fig, left off one, the right to pick a flower, imperceptibly, my hands are yellow and purple chrysanthemum, that kind of the yellow flowers like the teacher’s face, the purple flowers like that we be full of vitality faces. I put chrysanthemum to tied with a bow, then Xing The next spring ran to the teacher’s office, I gently open the window, see the teacher’s desk is placed above the old pen, putting some pens, and a ruler, beside a globe, neat books, which also contains a pen, next to a the ink bottle did not cover the lid, it seems yesterday the teacher preparation at night, I look at this situation, the be overcome by one’s feelings sighed and said: “teacher, you have worked hard, for us, you give your time, you like a candle burning themselves, bringing others to the light, you are like our mother, we are always Education… If there is no teacher, we did not have the new China, today is teacher’s day, we send something to the teacher, but also behoove, teachers in order to reduce the number of work, I decided after the tableToms skoNow the more good “. I carefully put the flowers in a vase in the pen, at this moment, the teacher came back, see I, say thank you, I tense moment, say also hesitant and saw the teacher fromMan Kan finde Toms shoes hVORBack out of the gift, she said: “this is my own work, now give you!” I suddenly, I smooth face exposed two small red apple, mouth still hung two small dimples, the teacher said: “fastSkoene TomsClass, you go! ‘I jumped out of the teacher’s office and came to the classroom.

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Happy “six one” children’s Day
Happy “six one” children’s DayToms sko K is benhavnI am looking forward to the “six one” children’s Day is coming. On this day, I get up early and go to school happily. Into the school, I think the whole campus a new look, a very lively. The students are to be held in the garden activities busy! Some of the students in the colorful balloons, some students are hanging upToms sko til m ndPretty ribbon. I also not resigned to playing second fiddle and classmates, garden rooms arranged in our class. The school bell ringing with we are nervous and look forward to the mood rings, the students immediately focused on the playground held “61” commendation meeting, at first, the principal speech, followed by, our dream garden activities began. Garden activities of the project can be really multi ah! There are guessing, shooting, bowling, fishing etc.. And our class is responsible for the fun of table tennisSko tilbud TomsAnd clip glass balls for these two items. I and some of the girls are the “Administrator” who is a table tennis ball “. Look, have a big brother, I pressed the stopwatch and excitedly said: “start!” I saw his right hand holding chopsticks, a table tennis ball on the front running, a careless, table tennis ball dropped down. Everyone laughs stagger forward and back. Big brother is really embarrassed, but he did not give up, and pick up a, again…… A minute later, he caught a total of five, the results were pretty good oh! We gave him a ticket, he immediately smiled happily, just like there is no effort. Look here, the glass ball, it is also true. Xiao Ming of our class are display one’s skill to the full! See your classmates, we are more excited, his side side shouted: “go clap! Come on……” He stared at the water concentrate one’s attention on the glass ball, a, two…… Put them in the glass. At the time, he was caught in the 10, really worthy of our class “chopsticks” master ah! Garden activities are to continue, we were very happy. We laughed and cried. Time in our joy, slowly passing away. This children’s Day is really happy, that laughter, cheers echoed in my heart, a long time can not be calm down. She will be in my memories of the picture, painted on a shining star, always give me a good memory. The six class Cai Yanlin Guangdong city of Taishan Province Taiwan town second primary school

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Mother’s Day gift
Mother’s Day is coming, what kind of gift to send to her mother? Buy a nice shirt, no, too expensive, I can not afford to buy, test a good score, although the mother must be happy, but I always feel that is not new. This year’s mother’s day, I want to send a special, don’t give up the gift. At home, mother no matter divided through wind and rain sent me to school, meticulous care of my mother. Every mother’s day, I do not have what good, you, I want to send a gift of a matter of conscience. In the mother’s education, I learned a “love”, the mother of a word, I have a deep understanding of the meaning of the word. Send a out of the ordinary, do not mind a plant, and presents a matter of conscience, it is too difficult. I frowned and thought, thinking for a long time did not think of, how to make this a sincere gift amiable mother? Suddenly, I heard my brother sayToms sko: “Oh, really bad luck today, ah, to write an article for a day’s chores, it’s hard to!” My heart was born with a thought of what gift to give to my mother. Here, “mother’s Day” that day, the sky is still bright, I get up early to do breakfast, eat with appetite. After the broom has cloth to wipe the table, chairs, less than 20 minutes the whole house sparkling. Then put the money out, to the market to buy vegetables, back home, only to know that the mother to go to work, and hurried away, even the breakfast is not to eat. At noon, and I quietly go to next to my father said: “Daddy, today is mother’s day, I want my mother a good, comfortable service to relax, let us help mother reducedSalg TomsBurden! Dad nodded. So, father is his trick, I put the food out of the meal well, against the table, just waiting for the mother back. Mother opened the door, surprised, said: “what’s wrong with you!” I said: “it’s nothing, hurry and come to dinner! After dinner, I took my mother to the sofa to sit, hurriedly to pour water to the mother, said: “Mom, I wish your mother happy day!” Mom excited said a word, all of a sudden I cling to the embrace of mother, could not help but cry, mother also cry, I think: this gift I – not what good, but I think is very sincere, mother, you have worked hard. I will work hard to learn, hard work ahead, not to live up to your expectations of me, I will be Zu GuofeiSko udsalg TomsTeng and struggle!

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Childhood memories
When I was young, I had a lot of questions about it, so I had a lot of questions, and it was a problem, which made me a little of my childhood. I moved to live on the first floor, a small yard in his own lawn, in the fall of my father planted a yard of winter grass, which makes me knowHerre sko TomsThe grass seed is the seed. Buying seed also a day in the water, the shell and the impurities floating out, the rest is seed. But to my puzzle is, and why in seed, father off floor a layer about 3 cm high riverSlik TomsSand? With this question, I first to find information, turning the pages of a book is a main way, I see all previous science book — the one hundred thousand why “and some of the earth’s book. But this does not make me inspired, all of the data show that the black soil is very fertile soil, it is suitable for planting flowers and trees, because it is soft, humidity, very fatToms shoes RabatWo, the sand is dry, no nutrition, too loose, also contain many stones, too hard. Various reasons have indicated that the sand is not the plant growth, or why the great effort to green desert? The more I do not know, since the sand plant growth should not be the father, why Sasha? Really strange! The book is too rigid, it is not as good as I go out for a walk! Say stem, from then on, I very attentively side is the plant grows in sand, God happens to and against me, not to mention the long in the sand plant, even sand didn’t see the shadow. But there is always a penalty because the Huai Wei Pai sytec arrogant neon baked Ying Shen found no biogas ship? The original and grass on the sand, I hastened to carefully read up, but over and over again, only to see several strains of dying grass, it seems real sand is not suitable for seed! The more I do not know, but ask my father now! The original father Sasha and not to the growth of grass, but because if the seed directly sown in the soil, wind blows, the grass will poly together, grow is not uniform. Although it can make loose sand, grass fixed position, even some. Oh So that is what it is.! Through this exploration, I found Sasha and grass, also accidentally found the knowledge of the land, it seems that people still want to go where you want to, do to solve the problem ah!

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My summer vacation
Accidentally on TV to see a picture: the heat of summer, a ten year old boy on the site to do homework, because he had no place to go in the summer, but he had to follow his father to the site. When the reporter visits them, ask them: “what is your greatest wish?” Some said: “I hope my father can find time to accompany me to go to Xinjiekou to play”. Some said: “I hope to be able to study in their parents.” Some parents working in the field of children, they are lack of parental care, guidance and care, even far away. Just imagine the children’s desire to go to Xinjiekou to play.” A small friend in Nanjing life has rarely been to Xinjiekou, Nanjing, they are too lack of parental care. They put ordinary people as things have homely food as a wish?! I heard that after college students in order to have those children’s wishes, organized them to the bustling Xinjiekou and Confucius temple. And it’s a good thing for them. Read this report I feel quite deep, after all, my father is also in the field of work, very busy, a few times a year, I can only go to see my father in the holidays, although the family living conditions improveSko butikker TomsBut I feel so lonely. Away from home in the father very tired and hard, I how hope father can come back to me and spend more time with me, to live together. Every time before my birthday, mom and dad to buy me a cake, according toSko I Danmark TomsA photograph of the whole family Although the same is no less, but, my dadHVOR man Kan K be Toms shoesDad often not in their own side, how many times in the night I cry, I hope my father to come back soon. I understand my father, for the whole family’s life, Dad would have to go out to work and run. But many people ask, why their parents spend more time with their children; why is busy working everyday…… Although the answer is very simple. Parents are busy with their livelihood. Many high-rise buildings, many bridges are the workers a brick and Waseem hard struggling to build up, but their children are not like ordinary people as happy life. Although I am much better than them, but my father is not in their own side of the lonely, not the same experience is not felt. I hope my father can often go home, but also hope that the children can be happy. In the same blue sky and all the children, enjoy the same compulsory education, enjoy the same happy childhood, enjoy the same to the parents love.