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Formerly known as Li Ke Li Ao real famous scholar- writer 0026 nbsp; Author view: Persistence is the life of the first competitive !
The author ‘s technique of writing prose , give me great spiritual impact !
Not only the text of freedom, ease, more in between the lines filled with sincerity.
Always inadvertently tells us experience ups and downs of a life , in the world trek immediately get insights into life !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; This is the ” stick leopard print toms” book review written by 0026 nbsp; please exhibitions !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; insists , is to a state, a mood, a belief or a spirit strong and unwavering , steadfast , resolute and not succumb in the end!
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; persist , always life in the most beautiful colors.
Life is more interesting because he insisted ; life also because he insisted , before with quite the wind to take risks ; enterprises, but also because he insisted , was more ” spectacle ” !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; insist that young people lack the most quality !
At least the old me due to lack of insistence, has cute toms shoes after losing a lot of opportunities , key universities missed yesterday ‘s memories are painful !
Today, the only thing is stick !
Only adhere to before they can have their own paradise on earth !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; insist that it is a journey, the journey of life when completed this journey , we would appreciate a magnificent rain just as the winds of life after a storm .
Ji , filled with mountains and waves from the tranquil harmony 0026 nbsp;! 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; insist that it is the most important quality of life , real life person responsible not only know how to create , but also loneliness,
to the foot of thorns to stick !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; adhere to transcend the limits of life Efeiliede the ” hurdle Law” is to go beyond the limits of life , life is the greatest endurance challenge to regret , but also with determination and perseverance .
based on their potential to tap !
The size of the achievement of a person , often depends on the extent of the difficulties he encountered !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; adhere to is the need for “Last night westerly withered Bishu , the tower alone , Wang Jin Wandering Road ” obsession ; needs ” belt she does not regret becoming wide-end , to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated
” the dedication ; needs” people look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back , that person is in the dim light , “the lonely ; needs” Till death do square silk , wax torch ashes tears dry ” perseverance !

Salomon Sense Mantra

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Alas, this complex a few people know Mr. Zhenchuan now!
After learning bedridden , no pillow book , read ” Zhenchuan Collection” , have “item ridge Xuan Chi” , repeatedly chanting of , as sobs cover tears , grief can not stop .
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; item ridge Xuan , Mr. Xiaoge home a child also , sir reading place , but also that of the President of the ethics and morality of the world stand in the article .
Hundred years old house , though plus repairs, presumably also often leaks ; although set in landscaped atrium , the so-called “three five nights, the moon and a half wall, Gui Ying mottled ” to read but see lonely.
President of the item ridge Xuan , also an unconventional students Qiongqiong Jie Li Xingyingxiangdiao land also.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Mr. ambition item ridge Xuan , Xuan solid Qiwei item ridge memorable also.
Mr. forget who really grandmother, mother, wife of the expectations of Mr. Yu also.
Mr. plot learn more than fifty upload, text names cover the world, peaches and plums all over the country , and still can not get an examination, do one official, in order to raise their salary pro , but barricaded the Xuan , Yan Yang Xiao Song , Wuran sitting alone .
The passage of time , grandmother, mother, wife have been scattered , but I this Villa .
Xuan is a wooden one stone , all the time into the back , past the faces and voices of their loved ones , it seems like at present .
Mr. write this point, though , runny nose, runny nose who does not !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Mr. Zhenchuan lonely men, Mr. heartache carry on.
Although Mr. Zhenchuan loneliness , heartache still cling to learn Children.
Mr. No officer can do , just writing articles .
Friends do not naturally no official post , would naturally be recalled and no Sheriff celebrities whom blog.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; frog called Hom wells , which were nothing more than the King of the blog of a well , a well of love memories.
Mr. Ran widows in Xuan , overwhelmed by their loved ones come and go , the sound heard whispers of the curl , the wife of the loquat tree planting Kai Kingston standing , left behind by the象笏grandmother still , day and night , wind shadows , Wan Lai sound, such as family
to , such as family sound.
Mr. Yi ‘s desk , Chi ‘s , not sad not happy , not angry do not complain , articles resplendent , every word if fabulous .
It was bright sense of Qing Mei Tixia , said: ” this text, direct ” Records . ” , Han , Liu does not cover the ” 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; before Mr. V.
hundred years, the cry Mei Yao Ouyang Wenzhong , the ” non- poor and the poem can not work ,” said.
Four hundred years after Mr. , Mr. crying after school is also intended article Yihuo case .
Mr. Xiang is not trapped in the ridge there will be no item ridge Xuan Xuan bleak misery of the Ming, there is this bleak misery of non- ming you can not have ” item ridge Xuan Chi .”
Mr. date of this unfortunate fortunate Heaven On toms sunglasses chapter .
Mr. 59, beginning in the examination, tired officer Nanjing Tai Cheng , repair ” Sejong Record ,” in which the room, suffered the Paul , when a non- barricaded item ridge Xuan , then the article has been deteriorating carry on.
Mr. Go item ridge Xuan while living on the temple , one of the great misfortune of Mr. Fortunately , the world article also.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Mr. Ran has also full text masturbating carry on.
Huangzhongdalv world have called for a negative moral weight , and any home country, such articles shall be meat eaters whom ; As for Mr item ridge Xuan of Time , sad keep poor cottage , look around dazed , almost died a few
World and not then have blogs, have ” item ridge Xuan Chi ,” a text , has the immortal class men, and I turn to Mr. celebrate .
Mr. wound of the storm , off the hook !
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; owned by Mr. Zhenchuan surname name light , the word Xi Fu, Mingkun Hermit .
“Item ridge Xuan Chi” contained in the ” Zhenchuan Collection” , various domestic prose anthology more than a reprint , and I suffered the same fate who can read.
0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; When as teaching go light the “item ridge Xuan Chi” , some students read ”
Chambers has loquat tree , years Flocked Azuma death also , so far as Kingston cover men “, the write the following experience : where can i buy toms” it stood there quietly , as if thinking about something, and as if in
waiting for something . warm spring sunshine streaming in its body and the breeze gently blowing over it covered with green leaves , so it began gently tell . loquat tree , you are saying that spring story?
eight years ago, she where do in this small ridge Xuan in homes they sell toms personally would you plant . how can I , it was a beautiful spring multi- ah ! but now it just me and you’re lonely here waiting ,
waiting for the miracle of a doomed arise. loquat tree ah, that beckon green , do you miss ? ” Guiyouguang filled his thoughts hidden in Kingston, such as loquat tree cover , the surface calm , small
author has launched his own imagination , but the author of penetration in the literal sense of the vicissitudes of life and nostalgia after candidly reveal in front of the reader.

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read the ” People’s Liberation Army to learn ,” a book , the PLO from small to large, from less to more, from weak to strong development process that I benefited greatly

the People’s Liberation Army to learn , was a very popular slogan.
Now repeat the slogan , mainly due to the PLA is by far the most efficient organization serving the people that always hold high the banner , firm faith without wavering ; always keep an open state of mind with the times , with the scientific theory
armed mind , maintain a strong fighting force.

human development, history has proven that the world’s most efficient military organization .
World Business 100 years of management practice has proved that the army management ideas and management methods are the best example of enterprises, China ‘s most outstanding entrepreneurs from the People’s Liberation Army has many , they used military management ideas and management methods, to create the most efficient in China

mind how wide , how much business there , the process of wealth creation the same.

enriching the people , how many generations is common mission and goals of the Chinese people .

serving the purpose of the PLA .

is the organization’s mission and purpose dna; core and foundation of the organization is to survive , it is necessary to determine the purpose and mission of the organization.

any organization , any one of the leaders, including schools, hospitals , government agencies , including the hope that their subordinates and members with “loyalty , obedience, complete ” quality.

Loyalty : Is the organization II should never , at any time , under any circumstances , never betray organization .

obey : members of the organization to subordinates obey their superiors, obey the leadership of the board.

complete : You must be able to do everything possible to create the ability to complete the task, only loyalty , courage , obedience is not enough to have the ability to independently complete .

Obedience is the bounden duty of the armed forces , the PLA is more efficient organization of the foundation and prerequisite .
Do not want the general’s soldiers is not a good soldier , soldiers can not abide by the provisions of the organization , it is impossible when the generals , listen to the command to obey orders , not only verbally , but obedience is not to ask why in the implementation of actions on
, just how dry and obey unconditionally , do not bargain , do not ask why, just concentrate on considering how to complete.

a good business , to provide the opportunity for employees to achieve from slavery to the generals , such enterprises , employees will naturally be organized with the performance and loyalty in return .

a business , you need to have a letter to complete the task of Qiu Shaoyun type of employees and loyal to the cause of Lei Feng employees, such enterprises was competitive.

the PLO learning , enterprise and down to sing “I am a soldier .”
For business owners , it should always be with the entrepreneurial mindset management enterprises, professional managers, owners should always know how to respect the boss enterprises.

is that people set up a business through the completion of this form of economic organization of single individuals, families, organizations are unable to complete the wealth creation activities , to all participating companies , investors, shareholders, employees , managers and the community to be return,
is one of corporate responsibility.

A no material rewards , ignoring the material interests of employees of enterprises can not survive enterprise ; an outcome can not be shared with employees of enterprises doing business is doomed little far away business.
Investors do business is profitable , the staff into the business in order to get paid , to achieve the purpose of survival and development in society : companies provide their employees with better production and living conditions, including salaries , employee through their own efforts , to pay
physical , intellectual cute toms shoes force the return of enterprises , enterprises rely on staff development, staff rely on their survival , both benign interaction.

growth companies need employees to share , so that employees share the joy of business growth , is the basis of a competitive , win-win situation with members of the organization , is a pursuit of the highest level of the organization .

incentives is to motivate the means , methods and purpose of incentives combined with incentives to achieve the consistency and effectiveness of incentives is flexible and is based on different jobs, different people , different situations develop different
the system.

incentives like hanging fruit on the tree , the height of the fruit picking the fruit only let people jump jump, will be able to pick the time, was attractive , we should make most people can pick the tree
fruit , played incentive.

The first is to establish the idea of ​​quitting brave victory , companies need the courage to die for blocking the borehole Jiguang type of employees, which can not be measured by money .

The second is competitive as war, in the case of evenly matched , who can win, to see who can adhere completely to the last five minutes , in market competition , most of the time is not a winner takes all , and toms shoes tumblr is left
is king .

three is to develop the courage to ” suicide bombing bunker ” heroes .
Napoleon in a hunt when I saw a drowning boy struggling side , while shouting for help, Napoleon a look at the river is not wide water is not deep , holding a shotgun on drowning , said: ” If you do not climb, I put
you killed in the water , ” the boy see the distress invalid , but instead adds a layer of danger , they desperately struggling to save themselves , and finally swim ashore.

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Mr. Liang Qichao worthy of a true celebrities, his masterpiece ” On the perseverance ” dapper toms shoes au, talk incisive , gave away the secret of success: perseverance are into .
ago , is very like I was learning the ” Misfortune blessing of the Forest “, that is , but I do not know where the essence.
Conditions fortune transformation , of course, no shortage of “opportunity” , but more important is perseverance.
If there is no willpower , but even the courage to face hardship gone , not to mention the disaster transformed toms shoes new york hardship into happiness .
If a person wants to do is not deterred without trembling , chest standing upright , covered with courage , covered is perseverance, determination, courage to despise any bad luck , ridicule any obstacles.
This thought process is created , it had to rely on time and time again hardship hardship honed , so we should thank them fishes .
German composer Beethoven’s heroic destiny and magnificent Ninth Symphony , is so intense and widespread deeply shocked over people’s souls.
However , the fate of God was with him opened a residual vinegar joke , so he lost his hearing, it can not help that he ‘d rather die .
Faced with such bad luck , he eventually suffered the fatal blow , deaf ears and a popular wrote a chapter .
Also, Qu Yuan exile , Fu as ” Lament” ; grandson Bin feet , the art of war repair column ; Hua left leg disability , recognized as the world’s first-class mathematician ; lose their ability to speak the Goldsmith became devoted his life to the creation of the extraordinary science
In the course of history , ancient and modern , how many unfortunate great man, faced with hardship hardship , like the brave explorers, limited in their life, to create a brilliant achievement for the treasure trove of human wisdom adds a bright
Pearl .
We can not deny that it is these hardship hardship , just cast their steely determination .
Mr. Leung put excellent : life course , probably sixteen or seventeen ranks adversity , prosperity also ranks thirteen four .
And along with adversity and often white Diego multiply .
You can imagine , after a long journey of life , we will encounter more hardship .
Just as Balzac explains: “Life is different turn of events, the endless cycle of suffering and joy of the composition , the kind of eternal blue sky exists only in the middle of the mind to the reality of life to demand too is wishful thinking .”
what we can not expect to real life , to be successful, to be happy , we must frankly to face head , face life , to face hardship .
Why can some people worry success , but also make some people depressed it?
The key lies in whether there is perseverance.
Weak and afraid to face hardship , fear of failure , in the face of hardship alarmed , back away , and even low self-esteem or self must embark on the road .
In fact, both VIP or little , in apocalyptic , will have their own spiritual crisis , real strong not never nordstrom toms shoes women ” crisis” people do not happen , but the crisis could teeth very last person happened.
nothing against in the end and people will eventually decide the fate of human perseverance.
So, we trapped more for the environment , but more even more courageously , to strengthen their will power.
Non- Xeon person, no person can be good at their end .

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Said, ” Europe notes ”

” Europe notes,” Lu kids toms shoes on sale Chuntao the Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House in March 2006 edition

This is a very ” personal ” of the book, the author Luchun Tao is well-known painter, in 2005 , he went to Europe three times held a personal exhibition will tour Europe see toms shoes raleigh nc smell and feel recorded achievements
this book.
As he said himself: “Before European trip , circle of friends Friendly reminder , you go to the palace of art , must be hard to pick up the pieces of those flash ; hard to write down the shock of those memorable moments of your mind , that in your future
art road will last you a lifetime …… every night , sitting in the front room of the desk , staring in the mirror his own eyes. then experience frequent switching during the day in front , so the eye can see and feel it is interpreted as the heart
the box characters . ” text is very simple, because it is real simple , because the real so sincere .

You can this book be seen as a “walking literature” , as there are to visit the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna Art History Museum and feelings ; comparison of Eastern and Western art have ideas ; There wander the ancient buildings in Europe
the daydreams …… this book you can also be seen as a ” tour guide ” , because there are a lot of tips on travel , such as how to buy something rebates how to buy a ticket to ride the train more cost-effective , drink
kind of wine is the most cost-effective …… but compared with those Guzuoshenchen “walking literature” and the hype of the “Travel Guide ” by a very “private” character and feelings , but do not have a place touching the heart .
He will write off because the magnetic stripe on the passport were warned there may be refused entry after the aircraft such as ants on a hot pan embarrassed ; he would write in a foreign country after being cut a knife and angry and distressed that
mood ; he will draw editing software written in a foreign country when the “smug ” feeling ……

It is worth mentioning that there are graphic design of this book , the cover is a very elegant kind of light , it actually unique.
Because it is a diary , so the edges of each page are designed to form a calendar , diary this day marked with a red circle , innovative and eye-catching .
toms shoes portland and author boarding pass , diary handwriting , photos of various filming or recording live in Europe or revealing mood scattered in every corner of the book, breathable and good-looking .
The end of the book is the author of European painting paintings , the author here to return to his bank , showed his strength on the painting.

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Peruse Shen Congwen

” Shen Congwen Intensive ” Zhang Xinying with Fudan University Publishing House

the year before a cold winter afternoon , unexpected encounter Zhang Xinying , asked him what busy recently , he joked and said: . ” Well, I will now spend all day to catch it this Shen,” I was surprised to Suo him, said
: . ” Shen Congwen , very good ,” I did not expect he immediately raised his head , his eyes emit light : ” Shen Congwen – is the best !” toms shoes online shop

A year later read his ” Shen Congwen Con ” began to read , my heart was touched by the small waves slowly beat , seemed to understand the passion in his eyes at the time , he knew what he thought of the force
“best” articulate , and, in this “expression” , he let himself get a kind of development .

Please allow me a return Wen Chaogong it :

such as speaking the familiar “Border Town “:

Shen’s literary world is a more than “human world” big world ……

This world has its sad, sad world unsolicited took temperament experience, default and receive ……

by natural beauty , beauty of human nature and human beauty of Shen Congwen constitute the world’s ” smile” face , to play what ?

If you do not see this, said Shen’s single scene how how beautiful, how simple and how human customs , put shen and human look too simple.
“Smile ,” a man behind not only the continuity of the life cycle , and there is a person by means of natural and human , human power to rescue themselves , correct themselves, to develop their own tenacious life will ……

larger than a man ‘s world that world .
Growth in the human world , who are not easy to appreciate this point ; rather have this experience , people who have such an experience , and how many can not drain this dessert resistance, can be like Shen , Zhang calmly as
interpretation, tenacious bear it?

Then look at Zhang Xinying people are not so familiar with how to talk , or are familiar with , but it is not easy to understand “From the autobiography “:

since the May Fourth Movement has one – after the process “enlightenment awakening” , he found a self- awakening , this self come from ?
Is to have a new theory , then produce it.
He established the basis of self is difficult to say in his body , but on the basis of a theory .
This is a very common situation .
If such a common situation and go over the words of Shen Congwen Shen Congwen this self- discovery is very interesting.
Zhang Wenjiang teacher “Zhuangzi fable articles” who spoke to ” obtaining self ” that is, self-discovery – but the self is not a good pre- advance , that way is to ” own origins traced along the road of life,” I
feel ” along ” the word used very well.
Process ” from the autobiography ” is the talk of a ” obtaining self ” , the narrative of his life antecedents, to find and establish one such self by such antecedents .

” along the road to obtaining the self .”
This is quite important thing said.
Means the establishment of self can be reached on the basis of the world and the world of reconciliation and trust in pursuit of the Primitive .
Zhang Xinying two places in the book when it comes to this ” obtaining self .”
In my opinion , this one is also seen him ” along the road looking for” the real traces , has a special significance.

see him speak sink in heritage studies from the later 1950s, this period :

can this be said to be a scholar of the stage , I do not want to say, I think it is a practical stage toms shoes online intellectuals, customize, an intellectual how to find their place in an era of change in the process ,
settle down in this position .
He wants to find the location that you want to settle down in such a position to pay a lot of cost.
This cost is not generally affected by a lot of people are talking so much suffering , it is just passively bear ; but in the spirit of the harsh sharpening process to pursue active pursuit of meaning and value of suffering and the cause of the whole of creation are closely linked .

intellectuals meaning and value , not innate exist, it must be reflected in the practice of the process.

This three sections, I think it is Zhangxin Ying Shen Congwen three most important understanding.

Why would he say that Shen Congwen is the best ?
First of all because he found a life in which the outside world, his performance was peace in this world that he can be encouraged by the enthusiasm that vitality ; just so he doggedly stressed Shen Congwen opened for us that
facing windows of heaven and earth , is our civilization out of the closed anxiety may aid vitality.
Meanwhile, he clarified the spiritual path Shen Congwen this from ” the world” to the people , into the ” human world ” post : How to find the past and the future , how best to at the moment foothold , how to present his life , in the best finished their
after duty , and finally clear and simply go back.
Shen Congwen dead serious affectionate , but is not part of his loyalty to life , and this life and not just human life .
” Shen Congwen Con ” is actually an on Shen’s Book of Revelation , which come into contact with Shen Congwen that this yellow toms shoes immunogenicity of grief , the whole book there is a soul wide open light, but also in a clear gloss .
“He died a return . Interestingly, he died to come alive , and many people did not die so half dead half alive on the ……”

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Comment Shi Shuqing short story ” School Fruit ”

In this widespread attention toms shoes shop acceleration times, Shi Shuqing ‘s short story ” fruit homes “, for the reader who seems to have a speed limit requirements , and therefore , it is soothing calm narrative , if the eyes of environmentalists with a stylish look
in the past, many of them can be regarded as some of the original ecology of the language situation flavor.

Yale ancient worship Please farmers cut toms shoes las vegas tree master gone, he turned over the soil on the side of a woman waiting for cut fruit tree in the yard master , while Scenery recalled that the situation with the coming and going of cut tree master
and their work situation .
Yael ancient family trees every year thanks to the spring and summer and winter cut twice, please master each are different , however , at this time , be able to enter a woman ‘s memory , only they want to go back and make a little old .
That little boy township gardening station , in her memory location deeper more, even once let her move in love , the meaning of some of the explosive , but , just as he carefully pruned fruit tree branches , he unintentionally bypassed
After a man is to let her move the gas, because the former light gently cut compared to his fruit trees go to war , its probably not in the cut, but riding in a tree saw, straight to see her scared gall
trembling , angry .
The result, the two men each were cut out of a bumper year for years, until Yale ancient worship again with Please , do less promotion adjacent township secretary , the old has to sleep into the earth , as if there are allegorical meaning .

Of course, such a concise summary of ” fruit homes ,” There can only be a woman recalls events in nature, easily relayed part.
In fact , if the yard is laboring woman, but undisciplined mind much , her eyes wandering place, then pull out of the total energy farming life to countless fine details , such as the idyllic, such as landscapes , such as modern readers
are based on country- ballad reading experience imaginable .
Typically, such conflicts do not create a strong country with dramatic plot novels , it is also its picturesque traditional ballads such as farming fun , more for the spirit of nostalgia placebo to ease the modern urban life generally diffuse
mind anxiety.

However, the ” fruit Academy ” author pursue, not just at this level readers resonance, its beginning inscription , citing Borges that a ” I am only surprised extraordinary things ” is their motivation for writing
and creation statement : In the local theme below , is some kind of modern languages ​​attempt.
This modernity effect, caused by the touch of the pen at the more detailed description was accurate , the more people drifted with indistinct memories language features can not be determined .

For example , a woman sitting on a vegetable bed to turn over two ridge , his eyes looked Xinmayoujiang fruit homes, like the movie close-up long shot documentary style is a swept past, she is really terribly at every , every
a tree has a different personality and language and her communication, people remember reading , but only a very poetic lyrical picture .
In addition, a small fraction of rotten onions , a few small potatoes , pour out a piece of cow stomach grass is carefully clip selection, to control transforms the structure , or the person ‘s heart rhythm.

As another example , Yale ancient worship of the woman look like?
Like fruit backyard fruit trees in the end what is the same, always , people can not clear detail .
However, her hand, we are very familiar with , it was a pair of love sweaty hands .
Together with the young man , who put a little clods ” get wet grip ” ; see the old man saw the tree , she ” out of the hands are anxious sweat ” ; dig when she was alone , then wearing a pair of old white gloves ,
‘ll see how she took off the glove activities detailed movements of the fingers.

However, these do not help people understand other people Hyères specific ancient prayer house , what other farming his family have it?
When you see this young couple for understanding fertility fruit yard , is “like a big guy like the back of a schoolbag ” , vaguely , they know this is not like an ordinary farm .
And to a close at the woman saw a small apricot ” like a childish high school students ,” we can understand the ancient worship and Yale folks around different pruning twice a year so regardless of the cost , not the production of income
needs , but rather an aesthetic taste needs.
All fruits and vegetables grown in this category fruit yard , with all the woman’s state of mind , as in Xinmayoujiang walk , always around the phrase Inscription Borges purport .

this looks like the original ecology of language management, for the author’s writing skill requirements , just耶尔古拜夫gynecology hospital land for fruit growing power of understanding , is back with a big guy schoolbag .
In computing language fiction writers extra cost and efficiency of today’s narrative seems to indicate that people within the square outer dimensions of contemporary fiction excellent grasp on .

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Zhang Jie read the novel ” Mi flowering ”

I’m reading a book

get ” Mi flowering ” fresh surge of youth on the cover along with the green hit, that may have been discarded long-lost little girl belonging to the era of ” childish ” , but now how can not find
pure persistent back , people can not help but inwardly snooping.
And looking to find their own memories ……

[ note ]

perhaps every little girl had such a childhood Yang Xiaoyang and Aimee , was forced to give up his own dream to get something they like , and put another predefined by large people they imagine the future to go
So we compromised in some people , and the effort invested , over time forgotten before himself ; Some people struggle , and even completely deviated ; more people , it seems like Aimee Yang Xiaoyang and dig deep down on a small
hole, put his dream buried inside.
Let this dream and friends see only their own local root, sprout , grow up.

This is a story about a woman of high birth , full of sweet and bitter unique in this age , there are growing pains .
To be called “Little Girl” Yang Xiaoyang and Aimee day hold a heap discuss the dream every day together , crazy together , sing together, to produce a male teacher internships vision , together traveled to see the movie in order to watch a lot of cinema
, along with playing cards in kfc , cried together , laughed together , hugging, sharing and mutual comfort.

remember once in high school and a good anchor toms shoes had made ​​friends Meet friends forever , so Yang Xiaoyang and such Aimee , do not need such a surface about verbal agreement, friendship is more of a habit
care and affection, rooted in between the two people.

laments such feelings , just can not go back now lamenting in this flowering gently loudly: ” ! Hey , little girl ,” despite being a little girl resist the call to deny that he has grown , it is already an adult
vocabulary, but still silently accepted, as he has not fully entered the ” adult” world, a beautiful note.

[ melody ]

Aimee perhaps more like a fire , warm , cheerful, and there are so little ” bad .”
Whether it is for a male teacher of little vision, stubbornly holding the guitar sitting with a group of people learning ; an ” audacious love letter ” storm caused at school , but she can still continue joy and no one else wanted to continue to do their own
to do.
Causing enormous damage and physiological psychology of ” puppy love incident,” there does not say very considerate friend of mind, but will shed tears at a friend’s embrace.
This girl is a contradiction in belonging to her metamorphosis grow flowering melody .

Yang Xiaoyang more like water , with water as the fainthearted , but also have the same character to pull off the water and their own ” must .”
Obey his father’s “must” leave the beloved violin, follow your can and must be abandoned as Aimee got little secret of their own opportunities crazy about the sketch , received the gift of the mysterious person did not deliberately go looking for the unknown
This girl has a ” must ” and ” reject” , belonging to her flowering melody slowly understand themselves and others.

[ no pause ]

like the movie “Love Letter” with a book after a late girl portrait , as a silent ending , all the stories also have a pause number.
After experiencing the high of a Sentimental , sophomore “turbulence” , the third year that is not clear in the end Black Black, Yang Xiaoyang and Aimee ‘s high school life is also the last few pages of the book had a full stop.
But part of their story will continue in their unknown future , there is no pause .

night three read the whole book , no air conditioning in the room in winter will not even feel the cold .
” Mi flowering ” in a lot of stories and a lot of people in their lives seem to have a similar shadow, but now rarely go to flip those memories.
Until the beginning of reading this book, experienced no experienced was able to experience both from the text in the night haunted room in winter .

like magic story because it is full of surprises and took me into a world of fantasy , would not be tied ; like a fairy tale , because many of this world is missing the good can be found in fairy tales ; like “quiet
secret flowering “because that love is more like a re- experience their joy and a little pain at that time ……

close the book pages belonging to Yang Xiaoyang and Aimee ‘s story along with their stories together toms sko nettbutikk into bookshelves.

” Hey, little girl !”

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” Talking about sex is strong ” : outside of Fun

ashamed to say , sometimes boring and several friends ( gay ) hot Breast see on TV advertising , they sigh, ” Now the children really happy ah, we were …… ” Yes, in Tenby
silk ad just flooding when our generation of youth has passed gas .
But puberty later, just passed the stage of hazy , emotional, often when it comes to marriage , only toms discount shoes reveal our true inherent about sex and love of education.
Some people say that this network had seen the information age is the “aesthetic can not take care of themselves ” era , in fact, is “feelings can not take care of themselves ” era , just go look at the major portal site home page, and then click into from those ” redness ” in the title
, must reach the group can not take care of paradise – “Gender Forum ” and the like .
This is a huge gap , while the high-speed forward, the proliferation of pornographic Internet age , one side is never ignorant of proper guidance and love of education.
So , to get this ” talking about sex is strong ,” when – more accurately seeing ultra-luxury lineup conversation when a “100 writers” and open the directory of ” Wife Swap ” this topic jump to the pupil in the
time – if the cover is pure white , someone mistakenly thought it was toms shoes cordones this “sex white paper .”

Of course this is an exaggeration , “Girl Hearts” These books have never disappeared in the private sector , but ” elite talk about sex ” is undoubtedly in China is rare , let alone a group of well-known large-scale elite .
where can i get toms shoes impression that the daughter of Li Ao has essays also called ” talking about sex is strong population” , said the opening seems to liberate the idea first liberation language , for example Raunchy of her move , and ” talk about sex is strong
“This book is the text dialogue ( although the form of discussion , but I can see writers with text communication ) , text sheltered nature , let alone open text, so including the editor of Jing songs included, whenever
a topic, are self whitewash – I did not fall in love before, I did not had an affair , I did not wife-swapping over ( this is more to say without thinking too ) .
This is certainly not conducive to distance themselves from the topic in depth, but under the cover , the writers are still many interesting insights – or just say one described , but also very interesting, such as Bi Feiyu Sagan spoke of sexual description ” like a
boat bumps at sea , very simple ” ; poet soup or seamount talk sexy” is waiting for passing scenery , and psychological propaganda that point is not something every secret with, and bumped , ” readily able to turn these sentences, is
Interest cover on the outside talker .

Levin speak Raunchy can adjust the atmosphere , ” talking about sex is strong ” also ” collect ” some ” scripts ” , only the ” Wife Swap ” section there are five or six ” scripts “, there is gossip magazines
, who have ears heard , read books have come – some of these points are the writers ‘ own resources ‘ , novelist poet directors are observers of everyday life , things happening around them on the newspapers
Social news has exceptionally sensitive and realized that , of course, reading is compulsory, so ” talking about sex is strong ,” gives us the fact than “sex ” and even pure emotion , this topic more and more widespread.

slogan on the cover of this book is ” a sensitive topic of conversation was recorded , an emotional life guide book” – I think ” guide ” Not necessarily , these writers are often “means the East beat the West ,” and more
perhaps just as the poet said, ” Kung Fu in poetry ,” which provides some random thoughts and feelings outside and comprehend .
Some fragments of thought, made ​​short fiction , poetry made ​​too small, included in a Conversing in order to avoid the wind as saliva or.
The only regret is that this Conversing , the taste is not enough , ” strong” , or how many of these elites seemed a bit conservative.

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I read Zhang Xiaofeng

Taiwan produced authoress , the Lung and Zhang Xiaofeng is an interesting contrast.
First impressions , Lung Ying-tai is just , is cold, sharp as she could , he did write the ” kids you slowly” so gentle enough text ; Zhang Xiaofeng , by contrast, the first reading is soft, is gorgeous, is
beautiful, but the sentence read everywhere reveals an zihao fresh.

Zhang Xiaofeng ‘s essays ” from your beautiful valley ,” received a lot of writing their love of the poem .
From writing the theme is concerned, Zhang Xiaofeng no different from other women writers , love , affection, friendship almost all her .
But when she started to write the pen moves , would be completely beyond the ordinary woman’s emotions.
“Mother ‘s plumage ,” the beginning of the description is a cozy scene, before her daughter to sleep with her arm around his mother ‘s neck and asked: ” ? Mom , you are not fairy change ” Next, the sweet with the sentimental , further down , there are
vicissitudes – the world every woman , how do they hide collards , from fairy forbear for ordinary mother ?
Zhang Xiaofeng written very beautiful , but also very heavy, as if it knows all the secrets of the world .
Zhang Xiaofeng write their own love, a vegetable one meal a day and night are a wok tripod kindness , she said: “Love one person , the original just keep an apple in the fridge for him and wait for him to come back …
… “This is an extraordinary woman Zhang Xiaofeng as love , but her extraordinary when love is” at Zhang hair can handle wind flag , why not pour into the cup while singing mountain Rain , “the heroic and the” thousand Springs attracted a thousand months
, Wan awakened invited to Wan wind ” solemn .
Zhang Xiaofeng seems to be a skill, then the ordinary kind, she always could not help but turn it over , look at the back , or even to see them tie dye toms look like thousands of years ago through the meridian lines .
So she wrote to her husband’s love letters , addressed to his son’s poems , obviously write personal thoughts and feelings , but it seems to make a common human emotions to write , and even write her robe , scarf, embroidery, paper umbrella , also did not Yee
fast delicate red and green gas .

Zhang Xiaofeng has always been the pursuit of the “big toms for women” : the larger pattern, great weather , great mind, big emotions.
She even was a little deliberate .
Lung Ying-tai published a dozen years ago , please write Zhang Xiaofeng Xu ” child you slowly ,” I remember her saying.
She said she was too young to hear a mockery of women writers , people think they will write some daily necessities , husband kids, so I secretly resolved , once their ” large sums in hand ” , determined not to write those words being abusive .
She really did.
In fact she always read good intentions come from Zhang Xiaofeng article, nagging trivial narcissistic self- Ai her scornful , let alone spoiled posturing , even if occasionally mundane husband could not help but write about the child , but also the language
startle posture.
She wrote windbreaker, the wind , have read the Tang and Sung kings , “and you dressed in trench coat , walking in the ages of the wind .”
She wrote Wine reason: . ” If Confucius is to be put jade , then I would be the wine to be poured in a lifetime to brewing their concentration , are waiting just pour the moment ,” this text abound
Zhang Xiaofeng article between the lines there is a knight bearing rivers and lakes .

I read Zhang Xiaofeng feeling is as if to put the boat on the river years , tracing back from it , dating back from the tour , toms wedges chase with the way it seems , innumerable twists and turns , it was that for centuries Lakeshore water vapor wet one
Zhang Xiaofeng like to read old books , they are deemed to be out of ideas Springs wins vein , she wrote himself read “Ya” : the world is so simple and stunning , so lucid , so baby -like clear at a glance.
I read to her, is also true .