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My summer vacation
Accidentally on TV to see a picture: the heat of summer, a ten year old boy on the site to do homework, because he had no place to go in the summer, but he had to follow his father to the site. When the reporter visits them, ask them: “what is your greatest wish?” Some said: “I hope my father can find time to accompany me to go to Xinjiekou to play”. Some said: “I hope to be able to study in their parents.” Some parents working in the field of children, they are lack of parental care, guidance and care, even far away. Just imagine the children’s desire to go to Xinjiekou to play.” A small friend in Nanjing life has rarely been to Xinjiekou, Nanjing, they are too lack of parental care. They put ordinary people as things have homely food as a wish?! I heard that after college students in order to have those children’s wishes, organized them to the bustling Xinjiekou and Confucius temple. And it’s a good thing for them. Read this report I feel quite deep, after all, my father is also in the field of work, very busy, a few times a year, I can only go to see my father in the holidays, although the family living conditions improveSko butikker TomsBut I feel so lonely. Away from home in the father very tired and hard, I how hope father can come back to me and spend more time with me, to live together. Every time before my birthday, mom and dad to buy me a cake, according toSko I Danmark TomsA photograph of the whole family Although the same is no less, but, my dadHVOR man Kan K be Toms shoesDad often not in their own side, how many times in the night I cry, I hope my father to come back soon. I understand my father, for the whole family’s life, Dad would have to go out to work and run. But many people ask, why their parents spend more time with their children; why is busy working everyday…… Although the answer is very simple. Parents are busy with their livelihood. Many high-rise buildings, many bridges are the workers a brick and Waseem hard struggling to build up, but their children are not like ordinary people as happy life. Although I am much better than them, but my father is not in their own side of the lonely, not the same experience is not felt. I hope my father can often go home, but also hope that the children can be happy. In the same blue sky and all the children, enjoy the same compulsory education, enjoy the same happy childhood, enjoy the same to the parents love.

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The Analects book review

Friends of the role of roughly roughly divided so far as to involve the kind of friends , very toms shoes website much less elaborate words , talk about below.

two , 0026 nbsp; to make friends Standard

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; ” Analects of Confucius” to make friends of standards related to the discussion is very interesting , both friends of the requirements , but also to their own requirements .
Different places, there seems contradictory.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; First, Confucius believed that friends have to pay good people , ability and political integrity of the people .
Confucius said: . ” . . . Gentleman is not heavy, not Viagra is not solid primary school without a friend as good as those who have been faithful over then do not fear change” ( learning and ) the only way to emulate , in a proper way and positive .
This is quite close above dating purposes.

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The Analects book review

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; of course, friends, but also to meet the needs of our instrumental.
“Instrumental” was very nice, but it is realistic.
Many times we do not need and emotional needs tools can completely peeled off.
There Confucius said:. “The letter close to righteousness, made reusable Christine also close to the ceremony, but also because of the stigma away without losing their parents, also were also..” (Science and) friend is dead, nothing owned, buy toms say
: “to my funeral.” (Xiangdang) Confucius action is to have the child, then it seems to comment.
No return buried friends, seemingly ordinary but reflects the Confucius friend simple deep feelings.
Take care of each other on the road of life, bit by bit, often the most revealing precious friendship.
Zeng Master said: “Gentlemen friends through literature, to the Friends of Fu Jen Catholic.” (XII) Zi Gong asked what is the kernel.
Confucius said:. “We must first of its profits for the state also ranks are, what their doctor Sage, the benevolent Friends Chevalier.” (Duke Ling) These two words are instrumental purpose to make friends
Mingled purpose and value of the best embodiment.
Friends sometimes mentor can help us to improve their moral character.
When we want to achieve some sort of noble values ​​or ideals, help friends ladies toms shoes like-minded friends is essential, so we will intend to make.
The purpose of its dating is instrumental terms of its content is noble.
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0026 Nbsp; read 0026 lt; 0026 lt; any card 0026 gt; 0026 gt; felt

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Today, the teacher brought us to learn the 0026 lt; 0026 lt; any card 0026 gt; 0026 gt; this lesson, this text mainly about where the card is 9-year-old apprentice poor tragic fate,
reading, my heart a long time can not be calm.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; When I read where the card as an apprentice when subjected to all sorts of torture, I read this paragraph, I seem to see any card of his skinny body, a pair and a small, thin
Barefoot froze bright red, the boss is thinking very heart because any card to whelp rocks the cradle fell asleep, the boss beat him with a belt.
In think we made a mistake and parents do not beat us, we just said a few words, we just like adults fell in read on I seem to see the boss Xiaofan card, where the card is not to eat a little
something only a little bread every day, where the card’s owner also told him to sleep in the hallway, he only played the Cold War cold, in what we have to think about what, parents and brought cold weather coat, trousers, at home
We want to do whatever.
Hear the sound of shouting:!!! “Dear grandfather tiny toms, for pity’s sake take me out of here to go home, go back to our village, I also could not bear ….. I’ll give you kneel
the next, I will always pray for you, God. “This tragic scene scenes, which sounded sad call, sting like a dagger to my heart, tears keep the eyes round and round in orange toms shoes, I can not help but think
toms sneakers to their peers and their own children are enjoying this pleasure at home, we are the apple of their parents, grandparents darling, afraid of in your mouth, and placed in the hands of the fear of hurt too much, we really are in

Fortunate ,, one time my mother gave me to do the meal, she gave me and got a bowl of rice, she went to work, I would sneak into the rice into the sewer, in school yet, there are teachers and students
help, once I have a stomach ache, the teacher would not let me run, but also to a classmate gave me an upstairs and tell me stories, we received an education, classroom computers, lights, painstaking teacher taught me
Let us suck the knowledge of nutrition, it is from a naive child, grew up and became a teen knowledge; and where the card does, and we do this in the bath of knowledge in the classroom, but he was in hard labor, how
Poor ah!
He lives in a Russian tsarist times, and we are more than the up and down, really different!

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; When I read the last section, they can not help but lost in thought, where the card although sent a letter, but the address is not detailed, Grandpa is not received, that is received
everything if I, I’ll let you take time to ship, then you come to my house, so I can get you to enjoy: Grandpa nor will pick any card, any card still can get out of loneliness, miserable life, I think
When I read the full text of the meditation Yanjuan live streaming tears, but I am so happy, happy ah!
I should cherish this happy life, grow up to do the pillar of the motherland.

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Chi struggling with gas, with a generous mood, filled with blood, you came to the battle once again came to you once again stood the edge of death, again accept the severe test, this is your – red four groups
heroic soldiers.

Today, learning the “flying wins Luding Bridge,” this text, I know today came so happy life is not easy, it is the hero of the Red Army with their lives and paid for in blood.
“Fly wins Luding Bridge,” this text, so I know the north against the Japanese Red Army to seize Luding Bridge, they race against time with the enemy reinforcements, rushed to the rapid Luding Bridge, also rushed to capture natural barrier to
seize Luding Bridge, so the main Red Army crossed the natural barrier to the smooth river, to the north anti-Japanese toms shoes for women on sale.

You know what?
When I read in paragraph 3, can not help but red four group heroes sweat, How about you?
Their time left over 20 hours, but there are 120 kilometers away from the Luding Bridge ah!
After I carefully considered, they have to go a minimum of one hour six kilometers, ah, they are not at the level it six kilometers down the road, but in a concave convex place to travel, I dream will dream quite Reds a Britain
difficult to walk.
Injurious sky, a sudden rainstorm, already very difficult path, and now have two enemy brigades “race” Ah!
This “race” and “rules” do not generally required under the tight schedule, the way distant, difficult road, bad weather conditions, the first to the Luding Bridge who won a big possibility.
Hear the Word of God under the “imperial edict”, I began to worry about: Well, that has such a rule, this game is really surprising, first heard ah!
Then to see it!

In the face of so many difficulties, the soldiers red four groups was not intimidated, in the case met the enemy, and courage, but also loud dialogue with the enemy, the enemy have taken the bait.
Red four groups of four groups of red Yeah, I see you boldly overdone it!
How can dialogue with the enemy it, if surprising flaws, how to do it?
I really want to urge you to be careful to be good!
As it turned out, how witty you move, played two birds with one stone, one paralyzed the enemy, the second is to illuminate the road will not be left behind the enemy.
At this time, the rain harder and harder, how to do it?
Hold on the other side of the enemy, and had stopped to camp, and Red Army soldiers in our eyes, this is nothing, or fast hurry it!
Defeat the enemy’s determination to make them forget toms sko barn remember the hunger and fatigue, hunger and fatigue when it comes, you know?
They have a whole day without eating, rest, do you get it?
Anyway, I was not, and now want to get some sleep!

After numerous hardships on the road, and finally came to Luding Bridge, the bridge is still as dangerous as can be: it is from the surface of the water a few feet high, I heard three meters equals 1 feet, then a few feet can imagine, and only
13 chains consisting of wood has also been deprived of the enemy, that is how terrible it!
I once again for you to sweat, I think, that have no fear of heights, usually very brave man certainly can not go!
You are not only difficult to walk, but also to play the other side of the enemy, but these for you, have nothing.

You once again to board a brilliant stage victory, you have to let the Chinese people proud.
You are the danger, courage, wisdom and courage red four groups of heroes!

You really great!

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp;

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Today, I read a poem .

This poem verse is :

Hammer thousands Wan carved mountains, the fire burning if lightly .

Pieces full afraid to stay clean in the world .

This is the Ming Dynasty poet Yu Qian made ​​a poem.
Poet care of statement , by praise lime , to express themselves to the world as, for boat at the ” pieces ” of strong will and determination.
The poem has a firm and unyielding document intended .

Lime seems unusual , but Yun sale toms shoes hidden danger, not afraid of suffering the noble character .
Yu Qian did with their lives and blood fulfilled his great ambition .
Coffin , Yu Qian deserves to be a great national hero , shaking his deeds , ZZZZZZZZZ , left for future generations a noble spirit !
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for toms shoes音:“下面请听蔡依林的《消失的城堡》……”嗬,太棒了!我哪能错过这样的良机,顺手将womens toms作文扔到一边,抱起收音机就听起来了。听,她优美的声音:“记忆飞走了……我要孤单的思考……真的很好……再也不需要,消失的城堡……”我被陶醉了,还学着唱。忽然妈妈推门进来,见我唱的如此入迷,就说:“做功课的时候,又听音乐,能把功课做好吗?”我一吐舌头,冲妈妈做了个鬼脸,抓起笔就又匆匆忙忙地写起作文来。心里却嫌妈妈来的不是时候。

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 第二天, 老师 指着 作 toms shoes outlet文本说:“你读读作文,连句子都不通!”我一看,觉得作文中的话好像在哪听过。怎么连歌曲里的“记忆飞走了”都写在作文里面啦?哎,都是我自己学习不踏实呀!这样做多么像《学弈》中那个三心二意学下棋的人哪!他一边学下棋,一边想射下天鹅;我一边写作文一边想听歌曲,不专心致志,没有毅力,怎么能学到本领呢?


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Black 0026 nbstoms shoesp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;假如我是罗布泊最后一条小溪,那往日的美姿,干净将会消逝,而会成了肮脏丑陋的巫婆样。那样的话,会有一天比一天多的生物死在我乌黑的长头发上,多么残忍啊!


0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 假如 我 是 罗布泊 的 最 toms shoes wedge后一条小溪,我会努力地制造线索,让未来人和未来物知道我们都是怎样消逝的,让它们为我们报仇。但如果人类听我们的劝告,那将会两全其美:“人类啊,带上你们的盲镜吧!看清楚你们是在做什么啊!你们在破坏生态平衡,在污染环境,在毁灭你们自己的家园啊!快住手吧!”多么真诚啊!

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; …… directory

0026 Nbspnordstroms toms shoes;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;0026nbsp;是啊,让我们共同携手来保卫大自然,保卫我们的家园吧!

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The Analects book review

Recently, the students were busy College of Foreign Languages ​​Department of English toms outlet excerpt “The Analects”, the conversation from time to time to say a few “Confucius”, “Shi said.”
The reason turned out to be a professor, “language and culture” Yao Lihua teacher assigned homework – copy the whole article “The Analects” and write a book review.
“Analects” are classics of Confucianism, compiled by Confucius and his disciples were together.
The ancients said: “Half” The Analects “rule the world.” Its impact on Chinese history and culture can be described as far-reaching.
“The Analects” of the Chinese, like the “Bible” of the West.
Currently, the “English tide”, “Korean wave” Rise, let us be the essence of the ancient forgotten in the corner.
In order to let everyone on Chinese classics, profound Chinese culture for a better understanding and increase their quality, more later English translation lay a solid foundation, the teacher was unique to this layout.
kids toms to become a co-grid English translation talents, first of all should be very familiar with their own culture, so as to correct the letter shoes like toms convey information to foreigners.
“Bilingual talent” is to master the two cultures, and skilled personnel will use both languages.
If even his own classical culture do not know, how can we spread our long history?